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The first step - A matter of literature ...
... or how do I get through the jungle of papers? (25.11.2019)
Förderjahr 2019 / Stipendien Call #14 / ProjektID: 4563 / Projekt: Automated Identification of Information Disorder in Social Media from Multimodal Data

Netidee Community Camp and Best of 2019

To start of, I want to thank the IPA for founding my stipendium and supporting me. The community camp on 14.11.2019 and 15.11.19 gave me the opportunity to get in contact with many different persons. During the camp we provided us feedback to our topics and we received a lot of input from us and the whataventure team.


Übergabe Urkunde

Copyright: IPA, Rauchenberger (I want to thank the IPA and especially Mr. Koman and Mrs. Duda for founding and supporting and organizing)


Current Status

So after two weeks the current status is as follows:

I made a depper dive into the research literature regarding rumour and fake news detection. The amount of papers is increasing in an exponential way. A lot of the found papers are pretty news. Some of them are just a few months old. So I see we are doing research on a very edge level of our time.


Upcoming Challenges

Within the next few weeks, I want to further increase my knowledge on the topic.

Furthermore I want to explore the found datasets regarding my topic. 

I also want to create a deeper insight on the used methods and find out which are performing very well.


Fun fact: 

Still on the way of finding the holy grail of fake news detection ;) Stay tuned ;)



Kickoff Fake news Literature research
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