Generative User-centric Assistants for Digital Protection & Controlling


Förderjahr 2023 / Projekt Call #18 / ProjectID: 6944

Wer sind wir? We are a highly interdisciplinary team and one of the leading European institutes in the crucial field of Human-compatible online privacy and consenting. We have successfully led several European and national projects with highly impactful results such as the Advanced Data Protection Control (ADPC).

Für wen ist es? For ALL HUMANS with any level of [legal or technical] expertise or knowledge, with different backgrounds and educations, with various language proficiency, and from different ages who are interacting with any digital tool or service (on the web, IoT, VR, etc.) that collects or processes their personal data and are in need of being supported in the management of their online privacy and consenting.

Was ist es? A Personal Data Protection and Consenting Assistant System (PDPCAS) that is using a set of generative AI models to 1) read, assess, and simplify privacy policies and requested privacy decesions and consents for users based on their age, background, knowledge, and expertise, 2) explain to the users the potential consequences of their privacy-related decisions, 3) provide suggestions about default decisions, 4) adapting the privacy-user-interfaces based on the context and also users demographics.

Wie funktioniert es? The Advanced Data Protection Control family of protocols (ADPC, ADPC-IoT, & ADPC-KIDS) makes it possible for data subjects (users) & data controllers (service providers) to communicate their privacy & consenting information, data, requests, and decisions. On the top of ADPC, the proposed personal & advanced assistant systems will use generative AI to support users with their privacy management.

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