Enabling Human-centric, Accountable, Lawful, and Ethical Kids' Digital Privacy


Förderjahr 2022 / Projekt Call #17 / ProjectID: 6442

We are an international group of researchers, engineers & activists with a multidisciplinary background in computer science, law, social sciences and cognitive sciences who aim to contribute towards tackling one of the most significant issues of our time: Invasion of Children's Digital Privacy.

Almost all kids (and their parents) who use internet-based gadgets and services—from IoT-based toys to mobile apps and games, to web browsing:

parents will finally have a mechanism to manage and express their consent and tracking decisions concerning their kids' in a user-friendly and lawfully/technically enforceable;

service providers will also be equipped with clearly defined mechanisms.

We tackle a wide range of kids' privacy issues, among others.

Providing consent on the Internet is a complex task that should [legally and ethically] only be performed by parents, but most of the existing systems also accept kids' privacy inputs,

Most of the kids' gadgets (and parenting gadgets) do not have the right UIs & mechanisms for privacy and consenting management,

Parents do not have an overview of their kids' personal data collection and can hardly manage this (e.g. withdraw consents).

A novel centralized control panel for parents finally empowers them to manage their kids' online privacy and consent. A new technical specification (Advanced Data Protection Control for Kids — ADPC-kids) using HTTP headers, Javascript, and Bluetooth enables the communication of kids-related privacy data and decisions across different infrastructures and systems (from IoT to Mobile Apps and Web).


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