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The share feature in out-of-tune (27.11.2019)
Förderjahr 2018 / Project Call #13 / ProjektID: 3803 / Projekt: out-of-tune

In the course of this project, we did everything in our power to make it possible to navigate the vast amounts of music available as easily as possible. You can find certain tracks with a simple search query - but sometimes you don't want to find music that you already know; Maybe you are searching for music you don't know you like yet - something new, fresh and unusual for your ears to enjoy. With out-of-tune you can do that.

That is in itself great, but we thought to ourselves - aren't we missing something? Wouldn't it be awesome to share your discoveries with other people - exactly in the way you found it?

With that spirit in mind, we created the ability to share the graphs you generated with everybody you know. You are now able to simply click on the share button - it will generate a link for you, which you can send to anyone. Everybody who clicks on that link can experience your journey through out-of-tune - they will see the exact same graph you have created. They can listen to your findings and even explore further on their own with the shared graph. You can even share your configuration -  the colors and sizes of all nodes and edges - without sharing your graph.

This feature will be included in the first official version of out-of-tune - which is now available on

So check out out-of-tune and share your found graphs with the whole world.

Stay tuned!


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