Really Enforceable Solution to Protect End-users Consent & Tracking Decisions


Förderjahr 2019 / Project Call #14 / ProjectID: 4625

Wer sind wir? We are an international group of researchers, engineers & activists with a multidisciplinary background in computer science, law, social sciences and cognitive sciences who aim to contribute towards tackling one of the most significant issues of our time: Invasion of Personal Digital Privacy.

Für wen ist es? Almost everyone on Internet: 1) end-users will finally have a mechanism to express their consent and tracking decisions in a manner, which not only is human-cetnric, user-friendly and easy-to-use, but also lawfully and technically enforceable; 2) service providers will be provided by a clearly defined technical mechanism and supporting codes to gain and respect user consents.

Was ist es? We tackle a wide range of privacy-related issues on internet, among others: providing consents on the Internet is a time and expertise-demanding task which cannot correctly be performed by most of the users, withdrawing consents is normally a sophisticated task, the existing anti-tracking mechanisms (e.g. W3C's Tracking Preference Expression - DNT) are not legally enforceable and are in many cases ignored by the service providers.

We aim to develop a mechanism to address these issues.

Wie funktioniert es? Based on an extensive study of existing patterns of tracking, we develop a detailed standard mechanism for communicating users consent and tracking decisions via HTTP headers. A set of client-side and server-side software (e.g. web-browser plugins) support the legal enforcement of the expressed consents, e.g. by sending the required identifiers (e.g. cookies) or legally binding emails.