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Soheil Human presented the ADPC to the Technology Experts of the European Data Protection Board
A Milestone in European Data Privacy Initiatives (14.09.2023)
Förderjahr 2021 / Projekt Call #16 / ProjektID: 5937 / Projekt: RESPECTeD-IoT

After years of meticulous research and development, the Advanced Data Protection Control (ADPC) has achieved a level of sophistication that warrants its presentation to specialized committees and authoritative entities. On September 13, 2023, Soheil Human presented the ADPC to the Technology Expert Subgroup (TechESG), a specialized unit within the European Data Protection Board.

The ADPC is an integrated set of automated mechanisms designed to enable the seamless communication of data, information, requests, and decisions concerning privacy and consenting. It is rooted in a human-centric approach that aims to empower individuals with intuitive and robust mechanisms for managing their online data interactions. Concurrently, the ADPC offers online publishers and service providers the means to not only comply with existing data protection and consumer protection laws but also to enhance the overall user experience. The scope of ADPC applications is expanding to include a wide array of technological environments and ecosystems, such as the World Wide Web, Internet of Things (IoT), child-centric digital spaces, and various other demographic and technologically-specific domains.

The presentation commenced with an incisive analysis of current practices in online privacy, highlighting challenges for all stakeholders involved, from data subjects to data controllers. This was followed by an in-depth introduction to the ADPC framework, detailing its manifold benefits and comparative advantages. The discussion subsequently turned to a factual presentation of the ADPC's current status and forthcoming initiatives.

This presentation represents a key component in a broader strategy by the ADPC team to mobilize support for its adoption and enforceability. In collaboration with international colleagues, the team is striving to induce a significant shift in prevailing approaches to online data protection and consent frameworks. While one focus area lies in the development of advanced software and tools that cater to both users and data controllers, the team's initiatives are multi-faceted, encompassing various other dimensions of online data protection. Notably, an increasing number of data controllers and online publishers are in the process of integrating the ADPC framework into their systems, signaling its growing recognition and endorsement within the industry.

Soheil Human

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Soheil Human has an interdisciplinary and mixed background in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Science, History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) and Science-Technology-Society (STS). Currently, he is a research and teaching associate at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) and a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna. He leads and manages several interdisciplinary research projects and initiatives (listed below) and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Prior to his current position at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Soheil conducted research and managed multidisciplinary projects in several universities and institutes, including Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI), Research Studios Austria (RSA), etc. Besides his academic career, he has been coaching and consulting more than 40 start-ups and corporations. Moreover, he has been involved in diverse projects run by national and international NGOs or agencies, such as United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Soheil is engaged in a broad portfolio of research aiming to empower humans and develop sustainable solutions in the digital economy. In his projects, he conducts multidisciplinary research on human needs & values, digital privacy, human-centric information systems and algorithmic accountability. Soheil Human applies a wide range of theories and methods from Philosophy, Cognitive & Information Economics, Conceptual & Computational Cognitive Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, and Semantic Web in his research. His other research interests involve digital rights, pluralism & epistemic disagreements, predictive processing, and socio-technical imaginaries.
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