Combinary by acolono GmbH won the special prize in the category: Privacy by Design
Own, analyze and distribute your Social Media Data!
Our next Open Source Project at acolono GmbH (15.01.2018)
Förderjahr 2017 / Project Call #12 / ProjektID: 2284 / Projekt: combinary

The cat is out of the bag. We got funded by the Internet Foundation Austria! This year, we will work on a new exciting project which will be fully Open Source and it’s called Combinary

Problem: Social media content is usually on third-party servers, often outside the EU.

If you want to use this content yourself, eg to display it on your own website, requires scripts, that are of questionable legality from a data protection point of view. Usually you are forced to accept the conditions of third-party providers and to expose your visitors to them as well.

Solution: Aggregate, analyze and deliver content on your own or trusted servers with combinary — no need for third-party services!

  • Backup Global authentication of social media accounts Store social media posts centrally Continuous central comparison with metadata (likes, retweets, etc.)
  • Analyze combine multiple datasets Extensive dashboard Compare data over time Create detailed analyses and evaluations
  • Present Integration in web content management systems Show individual posts on webpage Present all posts and sort them by relevance / media type / etc

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combinary Social Media Analytics

Nico Grienauer

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