Crowd funding campaign is using CroG software tools
tools developed during CroG project do find worldwide usage (16.10.2019)
Förderjahr 2015 / Projekt Call #10 / ProjektID: 1164 / Projekt: Flexible Hardware

With the help from the original CroG team, 1Bitsquared designed hardware for makers and students to learn about the usage of FPGAs. The crowd funding campaign was very successfull and will ship in 2019 over 400 boards to users wordwide.

Aimed at teachers and students, the iCEBreaker FPGA is built around the Lattice iCE40UP5k FPGA, capable of hosting CPU soft cores such as picorv32, picosoc, and RISC-V.

For programming the device, the project does use the open source software tools developed during the netidee funded CroG project.

IceBreaker boards can  be bought at



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