GameSurvey V.2.0

GameSurvey V.2.0

Förderjahr 2015 / Projekt Call #10 / ProjectID: 1236 enables researchers to design gamified surveys. Co-founder Johannes Gartner: “We are looking for feedback and suggestions for improving the software, ideas for new areas of application and research results with regard to gamified methods.” The continuous improvement of the platform is the top priority for 2017. “We are committed to open-source production and want to invite interested developers for collaboration on GitHub”, says Martin Kunz, managing engineer of the project. utilizes gamified elements for the collection of scientific data. Conventional surveys are replaced with interactive animations; respondents maneuver through a video game instead of working through long questionnaires. An experimental study conducted 2013-2016 at the Johannes Kepler University Linz with 722 participants achieved a significantly higher rate of completion than conventional methods. “Research institutions of all kinds are increasingly confronted with sinking rates of response”, says Gartner. “With an entertaining alternative to boring questionnaires, respondents have a higher incentive for participation. This leads to lower rates of termination and thus to more relevant data sets.”


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