SoniControl spectrogram on ultrasonic signal detection
SoniControl 2.0 beta testing
Looking forward to your feedback! (07.11.2019)
Förderjahr 2018 / Project Call #13 / ProjektID: 3480 / Projekt: SoniControl 2.0

SoniControl 2.0 diagnostics dialogWe are glad to announce that SoniControl 2.0 is ready to (beta) test on the Google Play Store! As previously announced, this version includes novel diagnostics features intended to make ultrasonic signals more "graspable" to the users. Everyone is invited to test the app and give us feedback on the new functionality as well as on the app in general.

The easiest way to test the app is to send an ultrasonic message via our SoniTalk app, also available on the Google Play Store (it does work to send and receive from the same phone). Our firewall will detect the message and show an alert containing the new diagnostics tools. Namely, playback, visualization and an indication on the technology likely used to send this signal. You can also share your detections in the SoniControl-Cloud to support building up a collaborative registry of ultrasonic detections.

Do not forget to have a look at the new detection history and firewall rules visualization (list and map)!

Thanks in advance for the constructive feedback.

We hope you will like the new features !


ultrasonic communication ultrasounds beta test SoniControl soniTalk data privacy

Alexis Ringot

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Alexis Ringot is a Junior Researcher at the Media Computing Research Group of St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences (Austria). He graduated from Polytech Lyon engineering school (France) with a Master of Science in Computer Science in 2015.

Since April 2017, Alexis has been involved in several projects, including three funded by netidee : SoniControl, SoniTalk and now SoniControl 2.0.
- SoniControl focuses on the development of a privacy preserving app for mobile devices that notifies and blocks ultrasonic tracking information.
- SoniTalk focuses on the establishment of a secure and privacy-oriented protocol for ultrasonic communication.


Software Engineering
Mobile Development
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