Computer Science Education Week kicked off
Promoting Coding worldwide (05.12.2017)
Förderjahr 2016 / Projekt Call #11 / ProjektID: 1685 / Projekt: Pocket Code

Enabling everyone to code - that's the core vision of Catrobat and gets backed by the Right-To-Left language support of Pocket Code. But beside this technical implementation, there is also the need of initiatives that get teenagers engaged in coding and motivate them to learn more.

The Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) by and its famous "Hour of Code" kicked of this week. Teenagers from all over the world are asked to create their own digital project and learn how to code. Beside different potential activities, also Pocket Code provides tutorials for this initiative. The #GalaxyGameJam activity allows beginners to create their own game and get into coding. Learn more and take your very own Hour of Code:

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