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The next steps for UNITA
On the way to the prototype development! (03.12.2018)
Förderjahr 2018 / Stipendien Call #13 / ProjektID: 3277 / Projekt: UNITA

After the great netidee Community Camp, with very useful input, and the wonderful “best of” event, the next big steps will be done for UNITA. Especially for the development, important questions have to be answered, to continue with creating a first prototype beacon. With my master thesis, I want to develop an open, alternative way of communication for IoT devices, which will be a hardware beacon for ultrasonic communication. Therefore, several challenges already appeared and will be tackled in the next weeks.


Current Status

A first basic literature research is already done. It can be refined and still extended. In addition, the hardware research was realised, and several hardware components were found. Further, the website to represent my master thesis UNITA, is nearly finished and will be available in the next few days. It already contains the current logo of my project.

Upcoming Challenges

The next decisions are very important for my master thesis. Before I can start developing the first prototype, I have to finally decide on a specific combination of hardware, which should be the best fitting for ultrasonic communication. Several microcontroller and single-board computer are on the short list. Furthermore, the software architecture, with its functionality and features, has to be decided and described. These two parts will influence the next development tasks and therefore, have to be carefully handled.

After finding solutions for that, the development can start!


Foto © / Anna Rauchenberger

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