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Design of a Honeypot for Smart Home
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Design of a Honeypot for Smart Home

Förderjahr 2021 / Stipendien Call #16 / Stipendien ID: 5776

Smart home equipment offers a lot of comfort in any apartment; it is little wonder that such gadgetry becomes more and more popular all over. Homeowners, however, are unaware of the huge number of threats. Based on a study from Statista, the number one risks associated with smart homes are hacker attacks. Therefore, it is important that cybersecurity be not only considered within enterprises but also with respect to private homes. Network security appliances are fairly expensive and only very few private people will own one. One possible device that might be suitable for a small environment are so-called ‘honeypots’. A honeypot is a specially crafted server that pretends to be a typical smart home device in order to attract attackers. The huge benefit of honeypots is that they are cheap and that they do not produce any false positive alerts as do other systems. Before a honeypot can be used it is pivotal to analyse possible attack vectors.

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Interims Report for the master thesis "Design of a Smart Home Honeypot"

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Master thesis "Design of a Smart Home Honeypot"

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