Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Women’s Human Rights
An International Legal Analysis
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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Women’s Human Rights

Förderjahr 2021 / Stipendien Call #16 / Stipendien ID: 5843

AI has many positive effects and can bring many benefits both to the lives of individuals and to society as a whole. Nevertheless, the use of AI can affect fundamental and human rights, among other things by causing gender discrimination. A major issue here is that the data fed into the technology can be discriminatory. Machines create a sense of objectivity. This is often not the case, as the relevant data in the system is human-made and therefore subjective, partly also influenced by stereotypes. It is therefore not surprising that discrimination against women can be found in this AI data. The thesis deals with the effects of these discriminations on women's rights and explores existing protection mechanisms as well as currently discussed solutions for the future.

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