Information Visualization in Multi Device Ecologies
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Kerstin Blumenstein

Information Visualization in Multi Device Ecologies

Förderjahr 2016 / Stipendien Call #11 / Stipendien ID: 1587

In museums, almost everyone has their own mobile device (e.g., smartphone or tablet) with them. In addition, many museums include interactive exhibits (e.g., multi-touch tables), but the visitors' own devices are rarely used as part of a device ecology. On the other hand, museums and libraries have a huge number of objects which cannot be shown in exhibitions. Data Visualization can help here to make these data visible and searchable. Currently, there are no suitable concepts to seamlessly link different surfaces in museums. Our approach is to integrate the visitor's own device in a multi-device ecology (MDE) in the museum to enhance the visit through interactive data visualization.

Uni | FH [Universität]

Technische Universität Wien


Human Computer Interaction
Information Visualization
Interface Design
Mobile Devices
Multi Device Ecology


Dissertation | PhD


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