SoniTalk encoder prototype
SoniTalk prototype for Android is working !
Getting close to the most important milestone (27.11.2018)
Förderjahr 2017 / Project Call #12 / ProjektID: 2110 / Projekt: SoniTalk

These past months we were working on the SoniTalk prototype for Android, composed of an Encoder app to send messages and a Decoder app to receive them. Both components are now able to communicate with each other !

SoniTalk decoder prototype showing a spectrogram of the successfully received message "netidee rocks !"
SoniTalk decoder prototype showing a spectrogram of the successfully received message "netidee rocks !"

After implementing the Encoder app for Android, we focused on the decoding part. We presented a first version at Ars Electronica, developed with Matlab, and we now have the Android equivalent... Performing even better ! Our first tests exchanging data between two smartphones were successful up to 12m, transmitting the text "netidee rocks !".

Our next steps will be to fine tune the decoding process, to make it fully parameterizable, and to merge both encoding and decoding into a library that everyone can then use in their own app.




soniTalk ultrasonic communication Communication Protocol

Alexis Ringot

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Alexis Ringot is a Junior Researcher at the Media Computing Research Group of St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences (Austria). He graduated from Polytech Lyon engineering school (France) with a Master of Science in Computer Science in 2015.

Since April 2017, Alexis has been involved in several projects, including three funded by netidee : SoniControl, SoniTalk and now SoniControl 2.0.
- SoniControl focuses on the development of a privacy preserving app for mobile devices that notifies and blocks ultrasonic tracking information.
- SoniTalk focuses on the establishment of a secure and privacy-oriented protocol for ultrasonic communication.


Software Engineering
Mobile Development
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