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AND SUBMIT (28.05.2018)
Förderjahr 2016 / Stipendien Call #11 / ProjektID: 1608 / Projekt: Exploring External Links in Twitter

After a lot of ups and downs, mentally and physically - actually i had two corrupt hard disks at the same time, namely my internal SSD and my time machine backup - yes, at the same time. That was really troubling but i had the source code as well as the thesis text on gitlab + dropbox. !Always tripple secure everything! And now, in the end, i have this complete PDF file with 105 pages in front of me, ready to be uploaded. Done. The button is pushed the file is gone. 2 years of work are submitted with the help of an oldschool html form  provided by the University of Vienna. 

Next thing is to order the printed version and to hand it to the SSC that will forward it to the person that grades it.

This is also the last post on netidee. A month ago i started to work full time and was quite surprised of the speed i gained to finish it (i think because i didn't want to miss all the weekends). Check out my scholarship page for the links to my thesis and the source code.

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