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It is coming to an end
That's what i thought (28.05.2018)
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Last post was about finishing the user study process chapter.  As stated in last's blog post i have a job beside writing the thesis. offered me a nice job opportunity, and allow me to work for them remotely from Vienna (they are located in Vorarlberg). I have a contract for 20h per week, and in the spare time i will work on my thesis. When i wrote to my co supervisor that i want to finish the thesis as fast as possible, she said i would need to talk to the main supervisor because she is currently building a startup and will not be able to answer as quick as before. I was a little bit shocked, as i wanted to finish fast, but it felt like the end moved afar. I took it as a change to go all in and write everything without consulting a second opinion as she clearly stated that i have already everything (philosophically speaking) to successfully finish the thesis. 

I finished the Methodology Chapter with  hints leftover by my supervisor and moved on to finish the implementation of the prototype.

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