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Requirements survey
Acquisition of feedback from data scientists (16.03.2022)
Förderjahr 2021 / Projekt Call #16 / ProjektID: 5899 / Projekt: PrototAIp

Collection of Insight from Data Scientists

It is very important for the PrototAIp team to create a system that is most useful for its users, both in terms of usability as well as hardware/software equipment. Therefore we are currently planning to conduct a survey to gather feedback from data scientists, with professionals and students alike. The survey will help us to select the hardware and software that is most suitable for PrototAIp. We will ask data scientists about their favorite libraries to get an overview of the most widely used, and also emerging and "cool" libraries that are out there. Of course, PrototAIp will remain flexible - in case interesting libraries come up in the future we will make them available from within PrototAIp.

Survey Structure

Our survey questionnaire will be divided into several topics: software-/hardware-related topics, but also business- and science-related questions. We believe that data science is not only about technology. It is also about understanding the benefits and uses of data science, both in a business as well as a scientific context.

The survey will list a variety of data-science libraries. This includes well-known and widely used libraries such as scikit-learn, pandas, tensorflow, Keras, or ntlk. Furthermore, we will also ask for more "exotic" libraries such as deepchecks, lit, or mlpy. This way we can make sure that we do not only provide the absolute "must-haves" in every data-science experiments, but also give our users the freedom to explore new tools. We are always open for suggestions :-)

Target Group

The target group of our survey are data scientists from different levels of expertise. We very much welcome the input from professionals and value their knowledge from many years of working in the field very much. We also very much appreciate the feedback from soon-to-be data scientists, e.g. students or people switiching their profession. By combining the inputs of such a diverse target group, PrototAIp makes sure that its useful and usable for anyone, no matter their skill-level. Therefore, we will launch the survey in our professional networks and send it out to the local data science community. Furthermore, since we have close contacts to academia, we will also launch our survey in universities and colleges.

We will keep you updated about the results of our survey - stay tuned!

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