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AI for everyone (07.12.2021)
Förderjahr 2021 / Projekt Call #16 / ProjektID: 5899 / Projekt: PrototAIp

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science

These are currently among the hottest topics in industry and science. People with expertise in the field are highly sought by industry and academia. Artificial intelligence drives a large amount of industries and generates completely new and unthinkable innovations and business ideas. The economy, and also the Austrian startup community, is thriving with ideas on how to use Artificial Intelligence to automate laborious and boring tasks. Becoming a data scientist is becoming easier than ever, given the myriads of online tutorials and course on the topic. However, setting up a suitable and easy-to-use programming environment can sometimes be daunting. The details of setting up ones own expertimentation infrastructure can be time-consuming and finally prevents more people from becoming data scientits. This calls for a solution this is easy to use, easy to access, and comes with little or no setup effort. PrototAIp will be exactly this solution - an already installed programming environment where the most important tools for data science and software libraries are pre-installed, and where datasets ara available for easy and direct use. Join us on our journey to PrototAIp!


PrototAIp is a platform where people interested in these areas get easy access to an alreay set up programming environment and access to strong hardware. It is availabe from the browser - simply create an account and you can start, no installation necessary. PrototAIp will become a cloud-based platform for prototyping and developing data science projects, using the programming language Python. As mentioned, in PrototAIp, batteries are included - all relevant software libraries for data science come preinstalled. This includes libraries for neural networks, such as Tensorflow, Keras, or pyTorch. It also includes libraries for natural language processing, e.g. spaCy or NLTK. Of course, libraries for visualisation of the results must not be missing. Therefore, we also include seaborn, matplotlib, and pyplot. Last, but definitely not least, is pandas - the number one indispensable tool for data analysis. We also provide datasets for experiments from open-source initiatives.

PrototAIp is a cloud-based platform (PaaS) for software development and prototyping of data science and AI experiments with powerful hardware and pre-installed software tools. There is no need for time-consuming acquisition, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software; work can be started straight away. An Austrian solution in terms of data protection and security, guidelines of the Ö-Cloud are central. Data sets from the Austrian Open Data Initiative are available.

Get ready to start your first data science project. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our platform.

Project Details

Project start : January 2022

Project end : December 2022

We will keep you updated.

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