Welcome to PrototAIp
AI for everyone (07.12.2021)
Förderjahr 2021 / Projekt Call #16 / ProjektID: 5899 / Projekt: PrototAIp

We are looking forward to the start of our project PrototAIp where we build a cloud-based platform for prototyping and developing data science projects. In PrototAIp , batteries are included - all relevant software libraries for data science come preinstalled. We also provide datasets for experiments from open-source initiatives. Get ready to start your first data science project. 

PrototAIp is a cloud-based platform (PaaS) for software development and prototyping of data science and AI experiments with powerful hardware and pre-installed software tools. There is no need for time-consuming acquisition, installation, and maintenance of hardware and software; work can be started straight away. An Austrian solution in terms of data protection and security, guidelines of the Ö-Cloud are central. Data sets from the Austrian Open Data Initiative are available.

Start : January 2022

End : December 2022

We will keep you updated. 

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